Agricultural Prediction

Building models for a Guatemalan coffee cooperative.


Implementation of Data-Consistent Inversion.

Counting Cards

Is it worth it?

Math || Art?

Math or Art? … How about both?


Computational Advances in Data-Consistent Inversion.


Student Chapter leadership.

Open Science

Improved student access to technology by deploying Jupyterhub on powerful servers in my Math Department, learning a ton of dev-ops along the way.

A New Game of Poker

Like… the stock market, but faster!


Uncertainty Quantification and Inverse Problems.

Tracking Toxins

Subsurface Contaminant Transport.


An Investigation into Accuracy.

Mentor Lunch

Addressing a need for guidance.

Food Bank

Competitive charity work.

Math Club

Award-winning organizational leadership.

Consistent Bayes

First formal software development.


A novel framework for stochastic inverse problems.

Tracking Wildlife

Deploying sensors on a budget.

Research Topics

Parameter Identification with Push-forward Measures.


Organizer of regional student conference.

Study Hall

Secured funding to support >300 attendees.

Evolution of Cooperation

From a mutation to the norm, but how?


First Research Project.

Pharma Mutuals

Commercializing Biomedical Research through Securitization Techniques.

Probably Art

Code to art. From directed study to long-term hobby.

Moving Pictures

Merging Art, Computer Science, & Mathematics.

Chess Club

Grew the club and got involved in fundraising.


Service Organization

Selected Talks

Push-forward Measures for Parameter Identification under Uncertainty
Feb 27, 2019
Probably Art
Apr 13, 2014