Math || Art?

Math or Art? ... How about both?


Student Chapter leadership.

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow

Co-President focusing on growing a new organization in the Office of Advancement, with a particular emphasis on developing a social media strategy. I began my co-presidency of Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow officially in the spring semester of 2019, though technically I was serving as interim President for fall 2018 as well. The focus of the organization is to better connect students and alumni, educating students about the ways in which University Advancement operates and why it is so important.

Mentor Lunch

Addressing a need for guidance.

Mathematics of Billiards

Billiards night was one of the first events that Christina and I plan for Math Club. It was a relatively simple event, focused on bringing together people For a night of pool and pizza. We played videos about billiards, including ones that went over the geometry of planning different types of shots on televisions in the background of the pool hall. We held this event several times over the years.

Math Club

Award-winning organizational leadership.

Tracking Wildlife

Deploying sensors on a budget.


Organizer of regional student conference.

Study Hall

Secured funding to support 300 attendees.

Chess Club

Grew the club and got involved in fundraising.