Math || Art?

Math or Art? ... How about both?


Using the Twitter API and Python to create digital art projects.

The testing of any scientific hypothesis requires collecting data. What to measure, when, and with what equipment all affect our predictive capabilities. Measurements are fundamentally uncertain, and handling these errors is of paramount …

Pi Day

In my first year (2014-2015) of becoming involved in Math Club, I threw this poster together for a pretty simple event. For Pi Day, Math Club organized several events over the years that focused on simply enjoying the festivities, eating pie, and trying to bring in people from outside of the department’s and engage with the broader community. Second year. One year we chose to fundraise and partnered with a local pizzeria to set up a day where a portion of their profits would be donated to girls who code, a nonprofit that focuses on education in programming.

Probably Art

Code to art. From directed study to long-term hobby.