A New Game of Poker

This was a really fun project I undertook for a Math Club game night in 2016 with my friend Elliott Regan, who helped me program this in Javascript and embed into an earlier version of my website.


Dr. Burt Simon and I had previously collaborated on a paper.


The rules are listed in short form below the game demonstration below. Gambling would occur on pre-determined intervals (timer), or whenever someone wants to (if you enjoy a bit of chaos). Proceeding clockwise, everyone must either call or fold on the bet, with only a second to decide. The more fast-paced, the more fun.


Flip a coin, heads you earn a point, tails you lose one.

Now repeat this rapidly–no, in fact, let the computer do it–and keep your running score hidden to yourself. This webpage is your hand.

Your opponents each have one of their own and bet on their hands.

Game concept by Dr. Burt Simon. Copyright 2016 E. Regan & M. Pilosov.



We held an event where we incorporated this game as one of the “stations” at our Poker & Games night.

In a sense this was my first successful attempt at writing something that could be used without any technical background whatsoever.

Michael Pilosov
Applied mathematician in Denver CO.
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