(only showing academic jobs)

University of Colorado: Denver (Downtown Campus)

  • Student Teaching Assistant, Calculus I (Aug-Dec 2016)
  • Student Research Assistant (Jan-Aug 2016)
  • “DiaMonD: An Integrated Multifaceted Approach to Mathematics at the Interfaces of Data, Models, and Decisions,” DE-SC0009279
  • Student Teaching Assistant, Calculus I (Aug-Dec 2015)
  • Tutor, Mathematics Education Research Center (Aug-Dec 2015)
  • Student Research Assistant (Aug 2014-May 2015)
  • “CAREER: Foundations for Understanding and Reaching the Limits of Standard Numerical Linear Algebra,” NSF CCF 1054864
  • Student Research Assistant (Jun-Aug 2014)
  • “SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: Sustained Innovation for Linear Algebra Software (SILAS),” NSF ACI 1339797

State University of New York: College at Geneseo

  • Teaching Assistant for Linear Programming & Operations Research (Jan-May 2014)
  • Geneseo Research Foundation Undergraduate STEM Summer Research Fellow (Jun-Aug 2013)

Volunteer Data Analyst for As Green As It Gets (Nov-Dec 2012)

Private Tutor in Mathematics (Summer-Fall 2013)