Thesis Progress Update

Computational Advances in Data-Consistent Inversion Measure-Theoretic Methods for Improving Predictions Motivation Ideas beget prototype notebooks/scripts Spawned other branches of development Eventually would attempt to scale code school servers, office workstation cloud (??) FAILURE TO RUN A Pattern Prototype script for idea: ~10-20 lines Production-grade class/module: ~200-500 lines or, Figure generates on Mac OSX, crashes on Linux Figure generates on Linux, looks weird on Mac OSX etc.

BET Development

BET Development [Butler, Estep, Tavener] Method + Mattis, Graham, Walsh, Pilosov About Purpose: Implement the novel method developed by the aforementioned authors GNU General Public License First released 2014 Python 2.7, upgraded to 3.6 Overview About/Motivation Git-Based Workflow Contribution, Communication Testing, Coverage, Versioning Pull Requests Continuous Integration Documentation Publishing, Releases, Licenses About/Motivation Reproduce results in research Demonstrate utility of approach Upgrading Python 2.


First Research Project.