Moving Pictures?!: Animating Still Images


The animated GIF image format is pervasive throughout the Internet community. However, to the best of my knowledge, no one has created animated GIFs solely from a single still image. I believe this is because current technology requires tedious manual alteration of successive frames to create such animations. I investigated whether it is possible to automate this manual process with digital image transformations by working at the interdisciplinary intersection of mathematics, computer science, and art.I developed a mathematical framework wherein I defined “animations” as sequences of still images, and “transformations” as composable functions that work on such sequences. To implement these concepts, I built a library of MATLAB functions that simplify and streamline the entire creative process by requiring only the input of a few parameters. Examples include manipulation of contrast, intensity, and colors of pixels, as well as warps of contours, positions, and size of select regions. The transformations allow for easy animation of regions of interest, giving some semblance of life to still images by turning them into animated GIFS.I will showcase some of the potential of this work when artistic layering of effects is performed.

COPLAC Northeast Regional Undergraduate Research Conference
North Adams, Massachusetts

I was selected as one of eight students from the liberal arts college to attend this regional conference on behalf of SUNY Geneseo. I was the representative for the Department of Mathematics.

Michael Pilosov
Applied mathematician in Denver CO.
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